About Auto Equipment, Inc.

We are a Miller Industries Towing Equipment and Truck Distributor, and have been since Miller's inception in 1992. Presently, Auto Equipment, Inc. carries the Century, Chevron, Challenger, Champion, Eagle, Holmes, and Vulcan lines. As the leading tow truck dealer and distributor in the Southeast, we have over 80 years in the towing equipment industry, and the knowledge and experience to provide each customer the right equipment for their towing needs. We have 7 outside salespeople that cover all of North Carolina and most of Virginia, and we believe it is important to have someone that can react quickly to your towing equipment needs. Our foundation is built upon the relationships built between our customers and our salespeople. In addition, when you need repairs, our complete service department is available to get you back on the road. Our parts department is well stocked and we should be able to provide you with any part or accessory you may need at a competitive price.

Our History

Auto Equipment, Inc, a North Carolina-based tow truck dealer and distributor, was founded in 1928 by Ralph Reavis. That year, the company sold its first Holmes wrecker. Over the years, the company continued to operate in the auto parts and towing equipment business. In 1958, Ralph's son, Richard Reavis, joined the company. Gradually, the company shifted more of its concentration toward the towing equipment side, and the auto parts division was sold in 1973. Richard took over ownership and leadership of the tow truck company that same year and ran the day to day operations until 1999, and remains the CEO to this day. Dick Reavis, the third generation, became President in 1998 and took over primary responsibility of management of Auto Equipment, Inc. in 1999.

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality new tow trucks and pre-owned towing equipment, combined with the best service and a competitive price, to our customers. We will continue to apply our 80+ years of knowledge and experience to ensure that we do just that.